How to get started with CoinCollectr

If you are new to CoinCollectr or just want to get an idea of how to use our platform, you are at the right place! We will give you a short introduction on how to use CoinCollectr and explain in simple steps how everything works.

Step By Step Guide To Get Started

1. Sign Up For A Free Account

Registration on CoinCollectr is free of charge. All you need to register is a valid email address.


During registration you can choose your username - note: your username will be displayed in your public profile and is part of your personal CoinCollectr URL - so choose wisely.

2. Add Crypto Wallet Addresses

After you have confirmed your account by mail, you can log in with your username or e-mail address on the login page to edit your profile.

The "Edit Wallets" button allows you to edit your public information - here you can customize your profile information and add crypto addresses.


Here you can store all the wallet addresses that you want to use to make transactions and receive donations, for example. Do not forget to update the profile afterwards. To get an overview of all currently supported cryptocurrencies, take a look at our features section.

3. Add Additional Informations

On your public profile, in addition to your wallet addresses, you will also see your username and a short biography as well as a profile picture.


You have the possibility to tell a few sentences about yourself and upload an individual profile picture to individualize your account even more.

4. Share your public Link

Once you have saved your profile page, you can share it via your individual public link.

To preview your CoinCollctr page, simply open the link in a browser where you are not logged in to CoinCollectr, in incognito mode of your browser, or simply log out and access your profile link again.


It's not for nothing that some say CoinCollectr is the linktree for crypto, because you can now share this link anywhere you would like to leave your crypto wallet addresses to receive payments.

From now on you will have a central place to maintain your addresses and you won't have much trouble when changing an address because everything is managed in one place.

Ready To Get Started?

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