Unite Crypto Wallet Addresses – What is CoinCollectr

Hello crypto world! With this Blog, we want to give you some insights and tips on and why using CoinCollectr.

As cryptocurrencies become more popular, paying with digital currencies is also becoming integrated in many places.

To transfer cryptocurrencies, they are sent from one wallet to another. These crypto wallets usually consist of cryptic and long combinations of numbers and letters. Since this string of characters is very difficult to read and even harder to remember, they are usually simply copied or a QR code is generated for copying.

Since there is a huge amount of coins and tokens and many digital currency users already own multiple cryptocurrencies with associated wallet addresses, we try to create a central place where the most important wallet addresses can be collected and shared. In this way, we want to simplify the exchange of wallet addresses and make it clearer.

In addition, the multitude of possibilities with which wallets can be created plays a role here. Various variants such as hosted wallets on a trading platform, in an app, or hardware wallets or cold wallets each generate an individual address for receiving the cryptocurrency – and all of these wallet addresses can be collected in one central location at CoinCollectr. These wallet addresses collection then is shareable with one single link.

To get a preview of what CoinCollectr does, just follow the link to our CoinCollectr Demo Profile.

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